Dog Chained Outside Eats Leaves & Sawdust, Owner Keeps Dead Body In Yard

Leaves and sawdust are all that were found in a two-year-old Pit Bull mix dog’s stomach. Thanks to a concerned citizen from Youngstown, Ohio, the complaint came in which first alerted authorities to the dog.

On arrival to the residence, a humane agent from Animal Charity found the dead dog chained to a doghouse in James Antwon Jones’ back yard.

Source: WKBN27/Youtube

Jones was indicted on felony animal charges and will have his day in court soon. He was indicted under Goddard’s Law which makes cruelty to companion animals a felony charge.

Sadly, the organization responsible for this case and many others is in financial trouble.

Source: WKBN27/Youtube

“Animal charges are very specific,” Animal Charity’s Mary Louk shared. “It’s very different than having a charge for a human crime and this is what we’re not going to have available for us in Mahoning County if Animal Charity isn’t here.”

Source: WKBN27/Youtube

More about the case against Jones and the future of Animal Charity can be viewed by pressing play on the video below.

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