Fearless pup attacked & killed venomous snake as it made its way near her owner

A Georgia homeowner was cleaning brush in her yard when she discovered a two-foot long Copperhead snake.

Her dog, Annie, immediately sensed danger and attacked and killed the snake before it could cause any harm to anyone.


Annie’s owner, Ms. Upchurch, then realized that the snake had bit her beloved pooch after she saw Annie’s snout bleeding. She rushed Annie to the nearest animal hospital, where she was given pain medication.

She wound up having two bites – one on her snout and another on her tongue, but thankfully she is going to be okay.

WSB-TV Atlanta

Unfortunately, this was the second snake bite in one week that Dr. Dawn Moore has dealt with at their hospital.

Dr. Moore told WSB-TV Atlanta that there are tell-tale signs you should look out for to know if your dog has been bitten by a snake: aside from the dog being in obvious pain, there will also be swelling.

WSB-TV Atlanta

Dr. Moore suggests taking a picture of the snake that bit your dog, so vets can determine if it was poisonous, and come up with a proper treatment plan.

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