Woman Says Amish Farms Are Puppy Mills In Disguise & She Has Proof

When folks think of Amish country, visions of farmlands and fields of corn often come to mind. Sadly, there are many Amish folks who are also mass puppy breeders, also known as puppy mills.

A news station in Indiana investigated the story after one woman purchased a dog from a store called Petland. The Petland pup she purchased was very ill and nearly died from pneumonia. Thankfully, his owner prevented that but only after spending thousands of dollars to nurse the pup to good health.

Source: KDKA

News station KDKA found out many of the Petland pups come from Amish country in Indiana, so they visited one of the farms. On arrival, the reporter was not allowed to look at the puppies but many could be seen from the road.

Humane Society of the United States’ Senior Director, John Goodwin, calls this mass breeding of puppies abusive. The sound of barking puppies from behind closed barn-like structures is a major cause for concern.

Source: KDKA

“In these communities where there’s a lot of these puppy mills, that’s exactly what these dogs are. They’re just breeding machines, bred every heat cycle, pumping out puppies until their bodies wear out,” Goodwin reported.

The KDKA reporter saw more than 100 puppies and several Jack Russell pups in outdoor pens on the property. Goodwin says it is a mass production facility.

Source: KDKA

The Humane Society is trying to get Victoria’s Law passed in Pennsylvania, which would prevent the sale of these animals in that state.

More about this startling story can be seen by pressing play on the video below.

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