Albino Dog Abandoned As Puppy Wears Sunglasses And Avoids The Sun To Stay Healthy And Happy

Too much direct sunlight could kill this adorable, abandoned albino dog, but luckily for him he found the perfect caretaker.

Sherlock the Schnauzer was born with albinism, a rare genetic condition caused by a lack of melanin in the skin. As result, he is pure white and has bright blue eyes. He was abandoned by his previous owners when he was a newborn puppy and found his way into the care of foster mom Netta McKay.

Netta has many years of fostering experience and knew that Sherlock would require extra care. Fortunately, Sherlock’s albinism has not affected by hearing or vision problems like some albino dogs. But he does need special care when he goes outside.

Whenever Sherlock goes out, he has to don doggles to keep his eyes protected from the sun.

“We still need to lather him with sunscreen and put on his sunglasses because the sun really hurts his eyes and he will constantly be squinting,” Netta tells the Metro UK.

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades! #doggles

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Netta also says she needs to keep him in the shade when he’s outdoors. “He can’t just have free access to go outside where he could sit and sunbake or he would get really burnt,” Netta says. “They get sunburnt so easily and are more likely to get skin cancer, which could be fatal. We have to be really careful.”

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This can prove a challenge in Australia, where he lives. It means he can go for walks in the late afternoon and overcast days, a routine that would not be for everyone.

Although she hadn’t intended to adopt him permanently, Netta and her family instantly fell in love with Sherlock and his “funniest little personality” and calm demeanor. Now Sherlock is winning more than his just his family’s hearts.

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