This Video About Abandoned Dogs Will Make You Rethink Humanity. Everyone Should See.

Pet abandonment is a monstrous, growing problem all around the world. Every year, there are countless loving, kind, adoptable dogs put to sleep simply because people keep breeding dogs to make money and selling to unfit parents.

Did you know that pet abandonment is considered a form of animal cruelty, punishable by crime? There are many different reasons why a person may no longer want to or be able to parent a pet, but there is NEVER an excuse for leaving an innocent dog alone to die.

If you haven’t heard of Eldad Hagar’s amazing organization, Hope For Paws, they are something special to look into. Every year, Hagar and his team of animal rescuers save hundreds of stray, abandoned, helpless dogs from a certain death.

The following video highlights some of their most incredible rescues and sends a message to humanity. These dogs need our help. They have been abused and neglected, but they are still adoptable. There is never, ever a reason to leave a soul to die.

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