Stray Baby Slept In Alleyway On Dirty Mat When Mama Rejected His Infection

In a poverty-stricken town, townspeople are already overwhelmed with basic needs of their own. Sadly, stray animals are apart of this cycle. It’s common to see them everywhere.

It is also common to see people, with little money to buy their own food, do all they can to care for these innocent animals.

One lonely puppy was in distress. The people did him a great service by calling for help.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

Animal Aid arrived and found him lying down in an alleyway. His poor face was swollen and caked with blood. What happened to this poor baby?

Amazingly, despite being in so much pain, the puppy wagged his tail as he calmly greeted his new human friends.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

One of the rescuers scoop the puppy up and bring him into his car. They drive over to the Animal Aid sanctuary so he can receive medical care.

They assess him and see that an infection caused fluid to build up beneath his skin. This is why his little face is so swollen.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

When they clean his face off, they realize that the cause for all this was just a tiny wound.

This proves that infection can happen easily if an animal is not kept clean and under observation. But it’s okay now. The volunteers are going to make sure he recovers.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited/Youtube

Topical and oral antibiotics did the trick! The next day, the puppy is able to eat. His face already looks so much better. He’s such a little gentleman too. He loves to be held. He realizes humans are quite kind! WOW! Wait until you see him now >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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