9 Surprisingly Dangerous Treats for Dogs

9. Chips & Dip

Seasoned chips and flavored dips often contain onion powder, garlic, or both. They’re also high in sodium content. Preserve your pet’s health by avoiding these snacks. Plain, unflavored tortilla chips (without added salt) may be an occasional treat if your dog tolerates them.

However, remember that dogs don’t chew their food as finely as we do before swallowing—so always keep an eye on your pet while they’re eating chips.

The Bottom Line

Any food that will make your dog sick is better tossed in the trash than fed to Fido. Instead of handing off your leftovers to your dog, look for high-quality pet treats. You can even make your own!

Alternately, many vegetables like sweet potatoes and celery make great snacks. You can even make healthy, homemade dog food quite easily at home. Keeping your pet healthy and happy may take a little extra work—but it’s always worth it.

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