7 Reasons To Consider Adopting A Senior Dog

Older dogs are golden in more than just their years. They may be past middle age but senior dogs have a lot to offer in the way of advantages and love to families who take a chance and adopt them. Why adopt a senior dog? Here are some reasons!

1. Senior dogs have been potty trained.

Senior dogs don’t need the time or energy a puppy requires. That's because they've gone through their chewing phase and been house trained. That means no getting up several times at night for potty training, or “accidents” to clean up in the house.


2. Senior dogs know their commands.

Puppies require almost constant attention and training in the beginning, while senior dogs will be able to adapt quite quickly to your routine. They most likely know basic commands, how to walk on leash and will pick up quickly what you want from them.


3. Senior dogs are grown ups. You will know what their personality is.

Because they're grown up you will know what their personality and temperament is. Are they playful, docile, curious, patient, stubborn, relaxed, high-energy? That will probably be easy to tell. Their attitude and friendliness will be there for you to know right off the bat.


4. Senior dogs are more independent than puppies.

Puppies require almost constant attention and training in the beginning, while senior dogs will probably be more calm and relaxed about time alone. They likely won't mind if you've got to go out for an hour or two without them to do grocery shopping (just bring them a treat home).

And they probably won't need constant attention if you have friends over or need to tend to the kids. They will want to spend as much time with you as they can (all dogs are sociable), but they'll be okay to be left alone for a short time which means a little bit less worry for you.


4. Old dogs can learn new tricks

Older dogs can adapt to your new routines and pick up on tricks just was well as puppies. They may even surprise with you a few they know already.


5. Adaptable to your schedule.

Puppies need a solid investment of time in training, socialization and activities for proper development. That means you are on their schedule for at least the first year. Older dogs have done this already and can adjust to your schedule. They will understand when it's your bedtime or time for you to go to work. And they'll know when it's your weekend too.


6. Calm and relaxed.

Senior dogs are not as unpredictable and high-energy as puppies. Their lower energy levels mean they will do well around all ages of people. And let's face it. Not all of us have the lifestyle for high-energy, active dogs. Maybe you are at the point in your life where you prefer a quiet walk in the woods rather than a run. That's where a senior dog may suit your energy and lifestyle perfectly.


7. Senior dogs deserve a chance. They need love too!

Senior dogs end up at shelters for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes their owner has passed away, and they have no one to look after them. Other times, they are simply given away by heartless owners who no longer want an old dog.

By considering adopting a senior dog you are helping dogs who are often overlooked at shelters but have a lot of love to give. Sadly senior dogs are often the last to be adopted and first to be euthanized, even if they have a lot of good years left.


And don't forget there are many dog rescues that also specialize in helping homeless senior dogs too!

Your time with them may be shorter, but it will definitely be sweet!

46 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Consider Adopting A Senior Dog

  1. My Great Dane is a rescue and he’s senior now. He has gone grey and slowed down but he’s the cuddliest most lovable dog. He like a little walk, his chair to sleep all day and some tasty snacks but he mostly wants cuddles and kisses!

  2. Find the2 and tomorrow u will get kissed.
    Count down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1……now closes your eye & make a wish. Past this into 15 comments. Hurry u only have 29minutes or the opposite or your wish will come true! Start now!

  3. I adopted a 9yr old Dachshund a couple of years ago and she turned out to be a good little girl. Unfortunately she past away last night from a digestive problem. She was gone in only 3 hours.
    But as bad as it hurts I would and will adopt another.

  4. I forgot to mention that Yorkie is blind the ten year old Yorkie little girl she was born with just three legs and the three cats were feral old and sick and now they’re fat lazy and still old very old but they keep me warm cuz I’m old too I’ve never been sorry to pick old animals they are so grateful

  5. I have rescued/adopted 5 older dogs coming to me at ages like 7,8,9 years and had the pleasure of getting them all through to about 12-14 yrs so was very happy and rewarded with that unconditional love thry all gave to me. Miss each and every one of them dearly. I had them cremated and thry are still with me and when its my turn to go they will all come with me to a better place.

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