7 Most Banned and Dangerous Dogs Around In the World

Pit Bull

Pit bull is sort of an overarching label since there are literally tons of mixes out there, like the American Pit bull Terrier and the American Bully.

And just like Tosa Inus, they were originally created as fighting dogs.

Even though nowadays dogfighting is banned in most countries, Pit bulls are still being bred to fight to the death in illegal underground fights.

Their severe aggression due to this horrible upbringing has put them on the doggie blacklist all over the world, including in Miami and the United Kingdom.

And there are serious reasons for it.

According to a review released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2000, Pit bull type dogs were identified in around one-third of all dog related fatalities over an 11-year period. And that's in the United States alone.

This is exactly why this dog has a bad rap as a dangerous killer.

But, there are also plenty of positive note from Pit bull owners who swears by their dogs' sweetest temperament.

As mentioned earlier, everything about the dog revolves around the owners intent and training of the dog.

Good training, good behavior. Bad or no training, well… watch out!

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