7 Most Banned and Dangerous Dogs Around In the World

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs descend from the old English Bulldog.

Weighing between 60 pounds and 120 pounds, these muscular dogs with their big square heads are as strong as they look.

They usually have a confident and active temperament, building a tight bond with their owner.

But their potential aggression can be a problem, which is why it's highly recommended for American Bulldog owners to thoroughly socialize their new pups with other dogs and cats as early and frequently as possible to lower their risk of behavior issues later on.

American Bulldog attacks unfortunately aren't that rare.

In August 2016, a three-year-old boy died of his injuries after one of these dogs viciously attacked him…

…while a nine-year-old boy barely survived his attack in October 2017.

Stories like these led Denmark and Singapore to legally ban this breed.

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