16 gifts for dogs that are clever and hilarious

There's no denying that people love to pamper their pets. There are also an equal number of entrepreneurs who set out to make a product that pet parents will love, which sometimes leads to inventions that are a little bit odd, while others are awesome!

1. Pet Peek, a fence porthole that's perfect for the curious dog! 


2. Dogbrella.  For dogs who don't like wearing rain jackets.


3. Pet and Person, a rocking chair for human and dog!


4. Doggie Fountain, a self-service water fountain.


5. A two-for-one fish tank / dog bed.


6. Petchatz, video conferencing for you and your dog.


7. Pet Trailers are camper trailers for dogs.


8. A necktie for fancy parties. 


9. A hoodie for the casual outings.


10. A dog's version of Harry Potter muggle home under the stairs.


11. Rogz Grin Balls put a smile on your dog's face.


12. Dog food tucked away neatly in a drawer. 


13. A couch for human and dog.


14. A murphy bed for dogs. Of course, with Solid Memory Foam.


15. A dog-boned doggie pool.


16. A dog tree fort. The perfect lookout for the perching husky.

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