15 brilliant life hacks that every dog owner needs to know

13. Attach a Carabiner to your Dog’s Leash

Carabiners are extremely handy when you’re out in public and need to tie your pup up somewhere – whether it’s going out to lunch or grabbing milk on your way back from a run.

Source: Rock Exotica

14. Put a Ball in the Food Bowl

If your pup is always overly excited for dinner and basically inhales their food, it can lead to problems with digestion. Help slow them down by placing a ball or another medium sized object in their food bowl to create an obstacle for them to work around.

Source: AKC Pet Insurance

15. Use Shower Caps When Washing Them

When you’re washing your dog, place a shower cap over their ears to protect them from potential ear infections.

Source: Bark Post

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32 thoughts on “15 brilliant life hacks that every dog owner needs to know

  1. Most big dogs would probably just pick the tennis ball out of the food.. I think there are special dishes that address this issue.. I understand this is cheaper,, but my dog isnt stupid,, she would just remove it..

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