15 brilliant life hacks that every dog owner needs to know

10. Make a DIY Doggy Hammock to Protect Your Car

The extreme mess dogs make in our cars is perhaps one of the most inconvenient parts about owning a dog. The hair sticks, the dirt seems constant and if you clean it once and it’s usually ruined again the next day. This DIY doggy hammock will save you SO much time and effort.

Source: DIY Network

11. Tick Removal 101

Ticks can be extremely dangerous if not found promptly and removed correctly. According to Google, there are hundreds of ‘tricks’ to removing ticks, but how many of the actually work? A sure fire way to remove a tick effectively and safely is simply by grabbing your tweezers and pulling the tick out by the section where the head and body meet. Be careful to remove the entire thing as the head can still function without the body and cause an infection.

Source: Pets 4 Homes

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12. Use a Pool Noodle Sling For Older Pups

With many older pups, problems often start with the hind legs as they grow weaker and more fragile. Help your dog with basic activities such as going to the toilet by making a sling for it. Simply cut a pool noodle down to size to fit comfortably under their hips and thread a rope through it. This way you can hold it up, giving them support when they need it most.

Source: Dog Heiro

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  1. Most big dogs would probably just pick the tennis ball out of the food.. I think there are special dishes that address this issue.. I understand this is cheaper,, but my dog isnt stupid,, she would just remove it..

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