15 brilliant life hacks that every dog owner needs to know

4. Use the 5 Second Rule for Summer Heat

For the same reasons mentioned earlier, you should never let your pup walk on cement or any other hot surfaces if you cannot place your hand on the surface and withstand it yourself for more than 5 seconds.

Source: Bothell Veterinarian

5. Use Old Sweaters to Make a Dog Bed

Dogs love being able to smell our scent to reassure them that we’re near. Use this handy DIY tutorial to make an inexpensive and comfy bed for your pup.

Source: Handi Mania

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6. Use an Old Crib Mattress to Make a Dog Bed

Crib mattresses really are an ideal size for a dog bed, if your baby has outgrown its mattress up-cycle it into a fancy dog bed by reupholstering or using the fitted sheets.

Source: Notten Animals

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  1. Most big dogs would probably just pick the tennis ball out of the food.. I think there are special dishes that address this issue.. I understand this is cheaper,, but my dog isnt stupid,, she would just remove it..

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