14 Of The Most Adorable Designer Dog Breeds In The World

The next time you consider adopting a dog you should seriously consider picking up a mixed breed animal. Crossbreeds are scientifically shown to be healthier as well as longer lived than their purebred counterparts.

If you feel like getting real crazy you could even take a look at some of these fancy designer breeds. These designer breeds are carefully bred animals that range from big dogs to miniature dogs and they are cute up and down the line up.

We decided to pull together a list showcasing the 14 most adorable designer breeds in the world. The next time you feel like doing animal charity a favor, take a look at these dogs!

Pitsky – Pit Bull and Husky.

If you want a dog that will be an absolute nightmare in training but loyal to the bone you might want to consider the Pitsky.

While the Pitsky may not be conventionally attractive they are adorable in their own way. This breed is a mixture of Pit Bull and Husky and it showcases the strongest traits of each breed.

You’ll see the bright light colored eyes of the husky, as well as their ears, right alongside the boxier and sturdier body of the Pit Bull. What you get as a result is a dog that is loyal to the bone and absolutely full of energy.

Pitsky – Pit Bull and Husky

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  1. This little one pictures is an Aussie Doodle……okay Cheryl, and Michelle Isenor Spearing how about you two get to work on this and create me a new dog <3 Im kidding there will never be a dog that equals my Dakota. My <3 dog.

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