12 Realities New Schnauzer Owners Must Learn To Accept

Generally Schnauzers have a pleasant, playful, spunky temperament that fits well into a lot of homes.

They love their walks and need a decent amount of exercise, but mostly they just want to participate fully in the family. They make alert watchdogs and may welcome strangers with enthusiasm or be a bit standoffish, even suspicious, if not well socialized.

Although Schnauzers often display obstinate resistance to walking on the leash, they respond well to obedience training. Many of them win top awards in advanced obedience.

Schnauzers are adaptable, makes an excellent traveling companion, and even if slightly spoiled, doesn't take as much advantage of it as many other terriers. They can be barky, though.

If you are considering to own a schnauzer, or you’ve just become a new schnauzer owner, there are some realities you do need to fully accept.

Check out the twelve realities new schnauzer owners must accept on the next page! …and if you already are a schnauzer owner, see if you can relate!

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