Man Offers Strangers $100,000 In Exchange For Their Dogs In Social Experiment

Ask a pet owner what their dog means to them, and they’ll likely answer that they are their everything and a part of the family.

Most dog owners would never consider trading their furry friend for the entire world. But one man thought to put this to a social experiment and record the results.

Source: BigDawsTv/YouTube

Could you ever put a price on your dog? You wouldn’t sell your kid for $100,000, so you probably wouldn’t sell your dog for it, right?

The man walked around in a suit with a briefcase with $100,000 in cash to offer it straight up for complete strangers’ dogs. And it went mostly as you would think…

Source: BigDawsTv/YouTube

Most pet owners did indeed turn down the offer right away saying their dog is like family to them. Some said they wouldn’t sell their dog for a million dollars!

There was one man seemingly on the verge of pulling the trigger on the deal, but his significant other intervened.

Would you sell your dog for $100,000? I know I wouldn’t! Let’s hear your answers and thoughts on this experiment in the comments.

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