Bulldog Found Tied Up With An Electrical Cord In 100-Degree Heat

A poor Bulldog was found tied up outside by an electrical cord in 100-degree heat, but a rescuer showed up to save his life.

The sight startled the woman, and she instantly freed him to get a drink of water.

He was taken back to Villalobos Rescue Center where he received lots of baths to get rid of his fleas.

The dog was then placed with a foster until his heartworm could be taken care of before finding a loving forever home. 🙂

Bulldog Chained Up In 100° Heat Gets Rescued

This bulldog was chained up in 100° heat when a rescuer saved his life.

Posted by The Dodo on Saturday, August 12, 2017

You have to love the work these volunteers and workers put in to save mistreated dogs like this sweet Bulldog! There’s nothing better than a good rescue story.

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