10 Scientific Ways To Know If Your Dog Loves You

#8. Your dog wags its tail

Your dog will wag its tail to communicate with you.

Source: Jaw-Dropping Facts/Youtube

But it doesn’t always mean it is happy. While wagging its tail in the natural position may be a friendly greeting, be aware of other positions.

If a dog gets nervous, it will wag its tail in a lower position. And if a dog wags its tail held high, it is curious or aroused by something. A slow or stiff tail means that it is about to get aggressive.

Source: Jaw-Dropping Facts/Youtube

At any rate, your dog is definitely trying to tell you something when it is wagging its tail.

Source: Jaw-Dropping Facts/Youtube

This isn't always easy to tell though as the position of the tail varies by breed.

The best thing is to do in this case is research the breed of dog you have. Then you will know much more about why they are wagging their tail. And what it means.

Source: Jaw-Dropping Facts/Youtube

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