10 Most Hyper Dog Breeds

Some dogs are natural couch potatoes, and others require extensive exercise to stay mentally sound.

While most dogs are somewhere in the middle, needing regular exercise but not being unbearable if you have to miss a walk or two, others are different.

Some dogs are hard to keep as house pets if they don’t get the exercise they require, as they’re naturally hyper and energetic. If that’s the type of pup you’re looking for, check out this list below!

Since we can’t list every hyper breed, add your suggestion in the comments!

#1 – Border Collie

One of the most popular working breeds, the Border Collie is still used extensively on ranches and farms today. They need both mental and physical exercise to stay happy and healthy, and it’s important to make sure they get enough time training and exercising if they’re living a pet life.


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