10+ Hilarious Pics That Show Why Newfoundlands Are Called ‘Gentle Giants’

#11 – Tryna Live That Lap Dog Life! Dad May Be Smiling But On The Inside He’s Saying ‘Please Help Me, My Ribs Are Getting Crushed’

#12 – •outside grandmas house•

#13 – Honey At 14 Weeks Having A Hug With One Of Her Hoomans Cameron… Don’t Think He Will Be Able To Pick Her Up For Much Longer!

#14 – Lovin’ my new neighborhood 🏡


#16 – A Bit Too Big For The Lap

#17 – This Is Beyond A Head Tilt


#18 – It’s A Bear! It’s A Mammoth! No It’s Giant Dog!


#19 – Ollie Likes To Come To Tennis Practice And Help Out


#20 – Just Shaved My Newfoundland Look At His New Hair Style What A Dude


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