10+ Heartwarming Pics Of Proud Dog Parents Posing With Their Newborn Puppies

Parents’ proud, worrisome, and tender feelings aren’t only found in human beings. Our 4-legged friends also experience bright and deep emotions while being moms and dads, and it shows in the heartwarming pics below.

Nature has made sure that these dog moms are proud of their babies. In humans, the maternal bond usually begins to develop during pregnancy, but childbirth is the moment where the bond truly sets in for most animals.

We love dogs and we can bet that these proud pawrents will make you have the urge to cuddle up with your loved ones, so scroll down and enjoy!

#1 –  Selfie with the babies


#2 – One big proud family


#3 – She just gave birth to 5 awfully cute puppies!


#4 – Just look at the joy in her eyes


#5 – They don’t look too stoked…

#6 – They look so proud of their achievement


#7 -World’s Largest Pitbull Hulk With His Puppies


#8 – Why won’t they play with me?


#9 – Proud Mama Bernese Mountain Dog


#10 – Proud parents smiling for the camera


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