10+ Heartwarming Pics Of Adorable Pups In Pajamas To Make You Smile

Relationship between dogs and their owners has been constantly evolving in recent years. More and more people see their dogs as members of their family — essentially as another child in the family.

In most cases, being a pet-parent is very similar to that of any other parent. Owners feed their dogs, educate them, get them daily exercise, and most importantly, love them. To some, a dog is their child and treat as such!

This heart-warming collection of images captures sleepy puppies dressed in their pajamas before they hit the hay. In the sweet images, doting owners have made sure their beloved pets are wearing their most comfortable ensembles to promise a comfortable snooze.

We have compiled a list of our favorite pooches in pajamas. From pugs to huskies, these sleepy puppies are sure to make you smile, so scroll down and enjoy!

#1 – Pretty in pink


#2 – Dog wears dog


Some may argue that dogs don’t need nightwear, for obvious reasons. These pictures prove PJs are a hit with canines as owners capture their pups in a deep slumber.

#3 – Can I have a treat now?


#4 – Like a little baby


#5 – Out for the count












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