10 Most Extra-Affectionate Dog Breeds

Every dog thinks the world of their humans, but different breeds use different modes to express their love.

So while some dog breeds prefer being a quiet, stoic and faithful companion, others literally look forward to drowning their owners in big hugs and slobbery kisses!

Following is a list of the top 10 “extra-affectionate” dog breeds who never shy away from grand gestures of love:

1. Golden Retriever

Source: jia3ep/Pixabay

Blessed with amiable temperaments and bright smiles, Golden Retrievers are one of the most affectionate dog breeds.

They are fun to be with and often share great bonds with the kids in their homes. From warm hugs and cuddles to relaxing belly rubs – Golden Retrievers love it all!

2. Labrador Retriever

Source: Seaq68/Pixabay

Labrador Retrievers are in a perpetually good mood if they get a good dose of snuggling every now and then. These cuties are rarely aggressive and are also very welcoming to strangers.

Their receptivity to training, along with their sweet and polite demeanor makes them excellent family dogs!

3. English Bulldog

Source: AlainAudet/Pixabay

English Bulldogs are adored due to their wrinkly faces and extroverted behavior. They are extremely easygoing and are also quite tolerant of children.

To sum it up, English Bulldogs are well-mannered, people pleasing snugglers who barely ever get into trouble!

4. Dalmatian

Source: SnottyBoggins/Pixabay

Dalmatians are motivated by an inherent desire to make their humans happy.

These elegant spotty beauties don’t bond easily, but are fiercely devoted to their humans once they come to trust them whole-heartedly.

Mind you, Dalmatian hugs are known to be very deep!

5. Dachshund

Source: @chelsea777/Unsplash

Dachshunds are often seen as “stubborn” or “tenacious” dogs, but they are fiercely loyal when it comes to their humans.

Dachshunds are basically “stalker dogs” who stay by their owners through thick and thin. Their comforting presence is no joke!

6. German Shepherd

Source: Pxhere

German Shepherds are praised for their physical and mental skills as working dogs. But at their core, they are just noble and gentle dogs who love the company of kids.

German Shepherds are  super protective and loyal to a fault, which is why they are such universally loved dogs!

7. Pug

Source: @dimhou/Unsplash

Another breed with trademark wrinkly cuteness, Pugs are notoriously referred to as “minions” who follow their owners around all day!

Pugs are very committed to their humans and they actively seek to reinforce their affections through belly rubs and ear tickles.

It’s just an added bonus that Pugs also happen to be great comedians!

8. Yorkshire Terrier

Source: Josch13/Pixabay

Despite being miniscule dogs, Yorkies are known for their spunky outlook and generously affectionate tendencies.

They are essentially people-oriented dogs who are particularly skilled in comforting a troubled human. This is one of the reasons why they are such sought-after therapy dogs!

9. Boxer

Source: artbycharlotte/Pixabay

Many people only see Boxers as rambunctious dogs who always need exercise. But Boxer owners know that these dogs barely understand the meaning of personal space!

They don’t mind turning into lap dogs and also adore being responsible doggie siblings to kids!

10. Mixed Breed Dogs

Source: LUM3N/Pixabay

While every breed has their own unique charm, mixed breed dogs are undoubtedly one of the most affectionate dogs we know.

Most hybrid dogs come from a shelter situation, and this makes them eternally grateful toward the family who adopts them. So go ahead and give that shelter dog a chance!

We hope you enjoyed this list as much as we did! At the end of the day, a dog’s behavior is purely an extrapolation of how they get treated by their humans!

Let us know in the comments if your dog made it into this list!

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