10 Dogs Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

We’ve all had a bad day now and then, but when it comes to these dogs, they’ve got “ruff” days covered. Whether they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, are feeling a grumpy, or just didn’t realize it was vet visit time, these dogs give new meaning to having a bad day.

Check out these 10 dogs who are having a worse day than you:

1) This Dog Who Tried To Find The Perfect Spot

This adorable Frenchie just wanted to get comfortable. Just a few little digging motions and he would be all settled in for a nap. But it wasn’t in the cards– and OOPS, off he goes.


2) This Dog Who Got Caught With His Foot In His Mouth

Have you ever said something you instantly regret? It’s like you can’t get your foot in your mouth fast enough. We think this pooch opened his mouth at the wrong time and BAM! Instead of being reprimanded for saying something off-color, he just punished himself 😂


3) This Dog Who Has No Sense Of Timing

“Okay Karen, I’m ready when you are. Toss that ball!” This dog’s sense of timing is a wee bit off, but who’s to judge. It happens to the best of us, buddy.


4) This Dog Who Has The Clingiest Sibling

Sure, siblings are fun but everyone needs some alone time. This Golden Retriever can’t catch a break. His buddy has no sense of personal space and gives new meaning to “me and my shadow.”



5) This Dog Whose Owner Went Too Far

Is it any wonder dogs get cranky? One look at this guy and you’ll understand. If you thought your day was bad, just think about how it feels to be this pooch. We feel your pain, pal.


6) This Dog Who Isn’t Supposed To Be On The Furniture

When this dog’s owner isn’t home, this pooch figures he can do whatever he wants, and that includes being a total spaz all over the furniture. Little does he know his owner has hidden video cameras and he’s going to get a speaking to when his dad gets home. It was fun while it lasted though.


7) This Dog Who’s Just Too Tired

Sometimes you’re just too tired to care #NuffSaid



8) This Dog Who Mistakes A Bikini For A Toy

If it looks like a chew toy, it must be a chew toy, right? This Beagle has it all wrong. His owner will either be surprised by his new find or in total hysterics. Either way, this beachgoer is short of a top– but thankfully, she’s a good sport about it.


9) This Dog Who Nearly Destroys The Restaurant

Sometimes in life, a dog’s got to do what nature intended him to do. When this loveable Lab saw a cute black pooch, all bets are off, and there he goes. And the table goes with him.


10) This Dog Who Got Beat Up By A Cat

Sometimes in life, size doesn’t matter. Nor species. He may be the tougher opponent but this cat is a straight up ninja.


Feature photo: Imgur


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