10 Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy With Their Owners

While every dog loves being with their human, there are some that really, really love to be with you. Dogs are sensitive creatures, and their desire to be near you is very strong–but for some, it’s more than that. Like a dog that clings to your side, ready to be your pal wherever you go? Then one of these breeds might be just the one for you!

#1 – Labrador Retriever

Labs are known for their easy going personality and attachment to their owners. They’ll go anywhere with you – until “death do you part,” and even then, we are sure they wait at the Bridge.

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539 thoughts on “10 Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy With Their Owners

  1. Do not need to read to know my lab is on this list. She hates to be left, and she does not the difference of us just leaving for a bit or for us to leave for a week. She just knows. And I’m a little worried once her friend, our 17 year old male does go, which I think his days are numbered with more seizures happening more often than usual, she will be a mess and very sad. We are gearing up to have her in the house full time, we even decided to put a fence up so she can run and play safely in a fence with our kids.

  2. How was Yorkie not on there? We went on vacation and couldn’t take ours with us my MIL house/dog sat. MIL said the poor thing wondered the house looking for us and didnt eat for a couple days.

  3. Boxer should be on that list. My girl needs to be within a few feet of one of us and the boy wants to be on top of us or snuggled as close as possible. He’ll lay on our heads if given a chance!

  4. Same here. Mine will cry if she can’t get to me. If I leave the house, she sits in her window watching and waiting until I return. She won’t eat or drink either while I’m gone.

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