Stray dog in woods in absolutely terrified of humans, so she pretends to lay lifeless on ground

When Amanda and her friend Dylan heard about a lost dog, wandering the Evans Creek campground in Washington state, they knew that they had to do something. They might be the dog’s last chance at survival.

The two girls, now known as heroes, posted photos showcasing the great lengths they went to in order to rescue the abandoned, frightened dog known as “Bear.” This dog would simply not let any humans get close.

At first, Amanda and Dylan attempted to lure the dog with food but that didn’t work at all. The following day, they returned to the campground and found Bear in the same spot. Again, they tried to coax him with food, but still, it didn’t work. That’s when they suddenly thought of a great idea and got creative.

Amanda pretended to be injured and in need of help. She laid on the ground in a fetal position and started crawling backward towards the dog. She spent the next hour inching closer and closer to Bear. When he voiced discomfort, Amanda started whimpering and yawning, which to dogs, is a calming signal. She did this all the while moving closer towards Bear until she was directly beside him.

For the next two hours, Amanda cuddled with Bear, until he finally allowed her to slip a lead around his neck. Bear was finally safe.

Thanks to these unsung heroes, Bear is on the road to recovery. Because of Bear’s eventual friendliness, it’s believed that Bear was lost and separated from his family. People are currently working to help identify and find the dog’s owners, but if he’s not claimed, then a local rescue group will help him find a loving home.

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