30 hysterical cats who have no concept of what a bed is

Cats are masters at fitting themselves in the tightest, smallest, most awkward spaces — and they seem to be completely comfortable in those odd positions and locations.

Whether it’s a small box, a bowl, or even a shoe — just when you think there’s no possible way a cat could fit, they do! Some people think cats are strange, but really, they’re actually quite smart. A cat gets comfort from being tucked away in tight, small spaces. It supposedly even reduces their stress levels.

Cats might also find dark, cramped areas to take a nap because it helps them preserve their body heat. It’s actually a heat-saving strategy! So, next time you think your cat is strange when you find them in a funny, small space — admire their feline ability to adapt instead.

Here are 30 cats that decided “if I fit, I’ll sit.”

It’s hard to believe how some cats were able to fit in these places.

1. Not only is the kitten cozy, but the dog has a friend to comfort them. Adorable.

Source: Reddit

2. No, really — where did their body go?

Source: Reddit

3. Even big cats like to feel snug in tiny spaces.

Source: Big Cat Rescue

4. Is that a cat or a super fluffy throw pillow?

Source: Reddit

5. Dad was trying to enjoy some alone-time in the cold sink — but then…kittens.

Source: Imgur

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